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May 2012 Archives

Joanna Barker and the Songs of "February"

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And I've not completely grown
into the woman that I'm supposed to be.
But hell I'm a lot closer than I was last February.

That's the closing line from the debut album by Joanna Barker.

It's not meant as a status update on her growth as a singer and songwriter.

But it could be.

A little over a year ago, Joanna Barker was taking her first steps as a performer on the St. John's bar scene.

Now she has a debut CD chronicling a year's worth of life and experience.

The album is called February - referring to the 12-month period from one February to the next - and it establishes her as a singular voice in Newfoundland's burgeoning singer-songwriter community.

Joanna Barker joins us on the show this Saturday (June 2) to talk about the album and how she found her voice as a songwriter.

Also this week, we'll hear from Jim Fidler on his latest album, Up That River, and Katie Baggs brings us up to date on her band, All the Wiles.

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Performance Hour Video: Matthew Byrne Dusts Off an Irish Ballad

Here's an inside look at the studio session recorded for the May 19 edition of The Performance Hour.

Matthew Byrne sings an Irish classic he picked up it from the English folk singer Danny Spooner. It's called "The Banks of Bann."

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Matthew Byrne Digs Into the Newfoundland Songbook

matthew byrne.jpg

Though he emerged just a couple of years ago, Matthew Byrne ranks as one of Newfoundland's finest folk singers.

But you won't hear him doing many of the tried and true favourites.

Rather than treat everyone to yet another rendition of Lukey's Boat or Kelligrew's Soiree, he digs through the folklore collections for stuff most of us haven't heard before.

So every time you hear Matthew sing, there's a good chance you'll discover another page of the Newfoundland songbook.

This Saturday (May 19), Matthew Byrne drops by the CBC St. John's studio to sing a few ballads and talk about his fascination with our vast and varied folk culture.

A Note to Those in the St. John's Area: 
Join us for Matthew Byrne in concert at the LSPU Hall on Thursday, May 31. He'll have a variety of special guests, including Emilia Bartellas and Aaron Collis of The Dardanelles. Tickets are available at the LSPU Hall box office. The show will be recorded for broadcast on The Performance Hour.

Also on this week's show, we'll hear from the debut album by Pilot to Bombardier, and chat with the local jazz-funk trio Evry7th.

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Performance Hour Video: Chris Kirby's New Single

May 15 is the release date for the new Chris Kirby album, Wonderizer.

Chris talks about the album and plays a few songs from it this Saturday (May 12) on The Performance Hour.

We also captured that session on video.

From his visit to Studio F at CBC St. John's, here's Chris Kirby with a solo version of the first single on his new album.

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Performance Hour Video: Title Track from the New Chris Kirby Album

The soul man from Norris Arm is back.

This Saturday (May 12), Chris Kirby joins me in the Performance Hour studio to play songs from his brand new album, Wonderizer.

It's his third solo CD, and it continues the evolution of his rich blend of blues, R&B, soul, and funk.

Here's a video from Chris Kirby's session in Studio F at CBC St. John's. He's at the piano to play the title track from the new album.


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