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The "Newfoundlanders Away" Edition

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Lately we've heard a good deal about more people from Newfoundland and Labrador staying home, or returning home to find work.
It's the side benefit of a booming economy (booming in some parts of the province, at least).
But there remain many thousands spread far and wide. Some of them would surely like to come home. Others couldn't be bothered.
Musicians have always been among our most prominent exports, and although many of them choose to stay, we still send plenty to the mainland and beyond.
This Saturday (June 4), we check in with Newfoundland artists living in Calgary, Toronto, and London, England.
Selina Boland (pictured), Barry Canning, David Picco, and Ashley Fayth will talk about their travels, their latest recordings, and how they maintain musical links back home.

The Expanding Range of Newfoundland Music


Local CDs continue to emerge from the studios and basements of Newfoundland and Labrador musicians, so much so that earning steady airplay is a serious challenge.

This Saturday (May 28) we'll sit back and listen to some of the music released in the last few weeks, and the variety and range you'll hear is astounding.

These days, Newfoundland music is a label that's getting broader by the minute.

We'll feature the latest tunes from Mercy the Sexton, Dan Bursey, Kellie Loder (pictured), the Long Distance Runners, and Rex Goudie, among others.

Recalling the 2010 MusicNL Awards

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On this holiday weekend marking the advent of summer (such as it is) we're going to look back at one of the final weekends in autumn.

This Saturday (May 21), we review the 2010 Music Newfoundland and Labrador Awards,

In late October, Music Newfoundland and Labrador took its annual awards show to the heart of Gros Morne National Park.

It was a brilliant weekend of music, wrapping up when the trophies were handed out on Sunday evening at Gros Morne Academy in Rocky Harbour.

We'll sample music from the nominees and award winners, including Amelia Curran (pictured), Matthew Hornell, Gramercy Riffs, and more.

Newfoundland and Labrador Musicians and Their Roots



sherry ryan-4.jpgWhat Nfld blues singer was changed forever by a concert he saw on television?

Which artist still credits a children's song as one of the best she's ever heard?

What classic voices still capture the imagination of one of St. John's most promising young folk singers?

We'll find out this Saturday (May 14) as the Performance Hour continues its occasional series on Newfoundland musicians and their early influences.

The guests are Chris Kirby, Sherry Ryan (pictured), and Matthew Byrne. They join me to talk about favourite singers and memorable songs.

Jamming Without a Net

DAVID BRAID.jpgThey don't rehearse or write music together.

Sometimes they just get on stage and start playing without a word.

David Braid (left) and Phil Nimmons (below) play spontaneous music, improvised on the spot.

This Saturday (May 7) they'll bring that approach to the Performance Hour.

They played their first "improv" show in 2004, which is also when they made their first live, unedited and uncut CD, Beginnings.

Their forthcoming release, Falling Through, will be drawn from the concert we'll hear on this week's edition of the Performance Hour.

"If any two people represent the past, present and future of Canadian jazz, it has to be the inspired duo of clarinetist Phil Nimmons and his former pupil, David Braid." - Jazzfest International, Victoria


Nimmons is a legend of the Canadian jazz scene. Braid, 52 years his junior, is one of the great young piano players in the country.

We'll hear them making-it-up-as-they-go in a concert recorded in St. John's.

They'll also take questions from the audience about the joys and pitfalls of improv music.

(Photo credit: Xu Jian)

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