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Early Favourites and Life-Changing Music


Jill-Freeman.jpgIf you've seen the movie The Commitments, you might recall that the main character, Jimmy Rabbitte, selects members for his band by asking one question: "Who're your influences?"

Jimmy believes that a favourite band or favourite song tells him all he needs to know about a musician.

Of course, things don't work out too well for The Commitments, as the band disintegrates into brawling and bitterness.

But Jimmy was right about one thing: influences reveal a lot, offering a glimpse inside an artist's working world.

This Saturday (Jan. 15), the Performance Hour asks three Newfoundland songwriters to talk about their early favourites, recalling great songs that gripped their imaginations and stoked a passion for music.

The guests include Jillian Freeman of Bird and Bear (pictured), Joe Belly, and Matthew Hornell. They'll talk about influences ranging from George Jones to Nick Drake to Ani DiFranco.