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December 2010 Archives

The Living Legacy

saturday-night-jamboree.jpgThis Saturday (Jan. 1) we'll hear voices from Ramea to Lance au Clare, as well as Mi'k Maq music, and radio programs dating back half a century.

It's all available on compact disc, thanks to Memorial University's Research Centre for Music, Media and Place, also known as MMaP.

Newfoundland and Labrador music and heritage is an ongoing conversation at MMaP. To stimulate that conversation, the Centre produces an ongoing series of CDs drawing from our rich archive of traditional music.

Beverly Diamond is the producer of that archival series and she joins me to talk about the music and explore the collection.

Featured CDs include:

  • It's Time for Another One: Folk Songs from the South Coast of Newfoundland 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Folklore: A Sampler of Songs, Narrations, and Tunes
  • Saturday Night Jamboree on CBC Newfoundland (pictured)

The Making of Christmas Music


Simani Mummers.jpgIt usually begins at the height of summer, with the artist in the recording studio trying to conjure up a little Yuletide spirit.

I's just one of the challenges that go into the making of a Christmas album: most of them are recorded during the summer, so they can be finished and packaged in time for the holiday shopping rush.

Another challenge: many of the songs are beloved classics, recorded many times over by performers great and small. So how will your version stand out from the crowd?

This Saturday (December 18) on the Performance Hour, we look at the art of the Christmas album with three acts from Newfoundland and Labrador.

The 8-Track Favourites discuss their collection of Christmas tunes from the country-and-western catalogue.

Jerry Stamp talks about how he approached the seasonal repertoire on his award-winning CDs I, Noel and This Noel.

And Bud Davidge recalls how Simani created the most popular Newfoundland Christmas song ever.

25 Years of Fiddle and Guitar

hewson and smith.jpgCreative partnerships are volatile. Keeping one together requires diplomacy, humility, an open mind, and an appreciation of the big picture. 

Genuine friendship doesn't hurt, either. Which brings us to Jean Hewson and Christina Smith, friends and musical soul mates.

2010 marks their 25th year as a fiddle-and-guitar duo and institution on the Newfoundland and Labrador folk music scene.

"The Ducks," as they occasionally call themselves, celebrated with a pair of rousing anniversary concerts in November, and you'll hear the highlights this Saturday (Dec. 11) on the Performance Hour.

Jean and Christina play many of their most popular songs and tunes. They're joined by special guest Daniel Payne, and a packed house of trad music fans who take the show home with a series of standing ovations.