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Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Robert Henderson LIB 1,731 62.13% X
Eva Rodgerson PC 1,055 37.87%
Updated: Nov. 29, 2007 02:25 AST 11 of 11 polls reporting

O'Leary-Inverness (25)

PC Eva Rodgerson
LIB Robert Henderson

District Profile:

This district straddles the southwestern corner of the province, but also reaches the North Shore around Cascumpec and Black Banks Cove with the 2006 redistribution. A significant portion of the former Cascumpec-Grand River district was added to O'Leary-Inverness to create this new district. With O'Leary (pop. 860) its biggest centre and home to the Potato Museum, you know you are in potato country. Fishing is also important along the Northumberland Strait.

The government intends to close the hospital in O'Leary, replacing it with a new facility at Bloomfield Corner, which is at the northeast edge of the district.

District Map:

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From Elections PEI:
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Political History:
West Point-Bloomfield
Communities in this southwest part of the province provided the Liberal party with some of its safest political ground until 1996. That's when the newly created district of West Point-Bloomfield made history. Dr. Herb Dickieson, the leader of the NDP, rallied the public against plans to downsize the small community hospital in O'Leary, and voters responded by making him the first New Democrat to ever be elected to the P.E.I. Legislature. The district returned to its old habits again in 2000 as Dickieson lost his seat to the Progressive Conservatives.
2003 EVA RODGERSON (PC) beat SEAN O'HALLORAN (LIB) by 321 votes.
2000 Rodgerson defeated CHARLES R. ADAMS (LIB) by 461 votes.
1996 HERB DICKIESON (NDP) beat FAIRLEY YEO (LIB) by 138 votes.
Cascumpec-Grand River
2003 PHILIP BROWN (PC) beat ROBERT NOYE (LIB) by 496 votes.
2000 Brown slipped past ROB HENDERSON (LIB) by a 24-vote margin.
1996 KEITH MILLIGAN (LIB) beat BARRY BALSOM (PC) by 1,108 votes.

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Overall Election Results
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 23 0 23 52.93%
PC 4 0 4 41.35%
GRN 0 0 0 3.04%
NDP 0 0 0 1.96%
OTH 0 0 0 0.73%
  • Updated: Nov 29, 2007, 02:25 AST

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