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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
Your View


Sept. 4 12:44 a.m. - P.E.I. election

People of Prince Edward Island please wake up. How many times must citizens of Canada, the provinces and the territories go to the polls and be hoodwinked by Liberals and P.Cs with their promises to protect Medicare. I see that Mr. Ghiz is already saying it is his #1 priority. My guess is that Mr.Binns will not be far behind. All Canadians should know that the federal Liberals care very little for Medicare----look what they have done with the Romanow report---NOTHING. Every provincial P.C. gov't tries to privatize its' healthcare, B.C.'s "Liberal" gov't is going down the same path. Only the N.D.P. will support and protect medicare.

   - Neville Crawford - Spruce Grove, AB.


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