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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
Your View


Sept. 11, 8:55 p.m. - Election

Did the premier call an election in the fall so that Islanders wouldn't know how much the province is in debt. Why didn't he wait until the budget in the spring was laid out?

Mr. Binns says he will hire more nurses if he was so committed to this why didn't he do this before the election call?

Mr. Currie said in the Graphic newspaper that he works for Mr. Binns. I thought he was suppose to work for the people of District three.

The Tories thought there was approx. 1000 people on the island without family Dr. The Liberals thought 5000. It doesn't really matter how many there is but it does matter that the Tories don't think this is a problem and that are so out of touch with the people that they do not know the amount of people without a Dr. I did not know I was suppose to register if I don't have a Dr. Where do I do this/ I hope over the next week or so these questions are answered on CBC.
Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions

   - Jeanne Jackson

Sept. 11, 4:43 p.m. - Ian Dowbiggin-Prize next election

With the greatest respect to Mr. Dowbiggin come on over and visit the people in District 11-Chester Gillan/Charlie Cooke. This is far from the foregone conclusion your article implies. There are 5 City of Charlottetown seats in which the Tory incumbents new comers are locked in a real battle. Those are Brown/MacMillan, Cooke/Gillan, Ghiz/MaDonald, Ling/MacAleer and MacKay/Collins.

I can very confidently say that mid campaign Charlie Cooke is neck and neck with Chester Gillan. When the next poll is released it will illustrate that we are extremely close (barring something bad going on which is not anticipated).

This is probably my 10th election campaign and I know when they are close, or run away (winning and losing). Certainly at the constituency level at District 11 we have a horse race (fitting that the CDP is in our district). Come on over and ask some people in Parkdale/Belvedere and be sure to ask
some of the people in the 260 apartment units adjacent or near Leon's/Park Royal Church. The riding is Parkdale/Belvedere and not very much of it is in Sherwood.

Charlie Cooke is an extremely well thought of business person and adds credibility and experience to the Liberal team.

Our canvassing is showing that there is right now, no reason to vote P.C. When they look for an alternative and that alternative is credible they will vote for that person.

I really think you should come back and visit us in the last week. See what those swing votes are saying. In a house where you only need 14 seats to form the government it could be real interesting.

   - Jim Revell,
    Campaign Manager
    Charlie Cooke
    District 11 Liberal


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