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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
Prince Edward Island Legislature

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District Profiles

Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Helen MacDonald Conservative Party 1590 49.94% X
Gerard Greenan PEI Liberal Party 1497 47.02%
Paulette Halupa New Democrat 97 3.05%
 Last Update Mon Sep 29 9:40:52 ADT 2003 16 of 16 polls reporting





PC: Helen MacDonald
Liberal: Gerard Greenan
NDP: Paulette Halupa

Current MLA: Helen Macdonald (PC)

Riding Profile: One of two ridings that make up Summerside. This riding includes a new waterfront development designed to attract more visitors to the city. The development included a beach and boardwalk on the west end of the city.

This end of Summerside includes a higher proportion of Acadian residents from the Evangeline region to the west of the city.



Political History:

2003: Helen MacDonald Gerard Greenan Paulette Halupa
2000: Helen MacDonald
1626 (51%)
Wayne Carew
1194 (37%)
-Wayne Carew was the leader of the P.E.I. Liberal Party in 2000.
David Chapman
368 (12%)
1996: Gardiner MacNeill
1145 (36%)
Nancy Guptill
1716 (54%)
Marsha Arsenault
307 (9%)




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 Overall Election Results
Party E L T Pop. Vote %
PC 23 0 23 53.96%
LIB 4 0 4 42.86%
NDP 0 0 0 3.18%
OTH 0 0 0 .00%
 Last Update Mon Sep 29 9:40:52 ADT 2003

Riding Profiles

Indepth Features
Indepth Features
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Reporter's Notebook
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