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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
Prince Edward Island Legislature

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District Profiles

Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Wilbur MacDonald Conservative Party 1331 52.57% X
Sarah Jane Bell PEI Liberal Party 1091 43.09%
Michael Page New Democrat 110 4.34%
 Last Update Mon Sep 29 9:40:52 ADT 2003 11 of 11 polls reporting





PC: Wilbur MacDonald
Liberal: Sarah Jane Bell
NDP: Mike Page

Current MLA: Wilbur MacDonald (PC)

Riding Profile: This riding, running along the easternmost part of the south shore, contains a mix of communities. Starting in the east there is Wood Islands, home of the ferry that is central to the economy of the eastern end of the Island. In the central part of the riding is a cluster of communities known collectively as Belfast. The area has its own development corporation, and the economy is largely agricultural, with some fishery and aquaculture.

The western end of the riding borders on Stratford. With improvements to the Hillsborough Bridge commuters are settling in this area. Some very valuable homes are being built in areas with views of the Northumberland Strait.



Political History: Historically, voters in this riding have elected a candidate for the winning party. It takes in most of the former 4th Queens district, which was represented by former premier J. Angus MacLean in the mid 70s and early 80s. Though in the premier's office only two and a half years, MacLean worked tirelessly to move the agricultural sector of the province forward.

2003: Wilbur MacDonald Sarah Jane Bell Mike Page
2000: Wilbur MacDonald
1611 (60%)
Ernie Mutch
937 (35%)
Mark Hansen
143 (5%)
1996: Wilbur MacDonald
1275 (48%)
Lynwood MacPherson
1242 (47%)
Edith Perry
99 (3%)




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 Overall Election Results
Party E L T Pop. Vote %
PC 23 0 23 53.96%
LIB 4 0 4 42.86%
NDP 0 0 0 3.18%
OTH 0 0 0 .00%
 Last Update Mon Sep 29 9:40:52 ADT 2003

Riding Profiles

Indepth Features
Indepth Features
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