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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
For the Record
  Listen to the party leaders and the campaign supporters in their own words.  


Sept. 6 - Conservative leader Pat Binns delivers a speech to supporters during a Tory campaign rally in Summerside on Saturday Sept. 6, 2003. (runs 11:31) Video Icon

- Part two of Pat Binns' speech (runs 7:38) Video Icon

Sept. 2 - Pat Binns outlines some of his government's accomplishments before making the election call on Tuesday Sept. 2, 2003. (runs 8:21) Video Icon

Sept. 2 - Premier Pat Binns speaks with CBC Radio reporter Sheila Taylor shortly after the election call on the evening of Tuesday Sept. 2, 2003. (runs 3:19)Audio Icon




Sept. 5 - Liberal leader speaks to party supporters during a campaign rally in Summerside on Friday Sept. 5, 2003.
(runs 11:06) Video Icon

- Part two of Robert Ghiz's speech (runs 15:45) Video Icon

Sept. 2 - Robert Ghiz was at a nomination meeting in the Cornwall - Rice Point district on the evening the election was called. That's where CBC Radio's Brendan Elliott asked the new Liberal leader about his goals for the election campaign, and the poll which placed his party well behind the Conservatives.
(runs 5:43)Audio Icon




Sept. 3 - NDP Leader Gary Robichaud speaks with Island Morning about his goals for the election campaign on the morning of Sept. 3, 2003. (runs 4:40)Audio Icon




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