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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
Prince Edward Island Legislature

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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
Parties and Leaders
  Get the inside scoop on the political parties and the men who would run this province, as we bring you profiles of all the major party leaders, as well as in-depth looks at the parties themselves, their policies, and their chances this election.  

Pat BinnsPat Binns, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. It was a rare sight. During a speech in early July, Pat Binns cracked them up. He practised dropping a writ. The audience laughed and Binns quickly told everyone he was just fooling around. More on this story



Robert GhizRobert Ghiz , leader of the Liberal Party.
In sports they're called "walk on's," the player that drops in, tries out, and makes the team. Robert Ghiz not only made the team, he's been named captain, coach and general manager in just six months.
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Gary RobichaudGary Robichaud is running behind, and dangerously close to losing a bet. Earlier this year he told his wife, Jacqueline, he would listen to his entire collection of more than 2,000 CDs by the end of December.
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