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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
Indepth  Features

Talking with the leaders
Information Morning | Sept.26

Phone in all threeCBC Radio held a phone-in with the three party leaders on Friday, Sept. 26.

Islanders were asked to call in with their questions for Conservative Leader Pat Binns, Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz and NDP Leader Gary Robichaud.

Selected highlights

A number of Islanders have been lobbying the provincial government to cover new drugs to help control Alzheimer's disease. The leaders were asked when these drugs would be covered.

Pat BinnsThe Binns government brought in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act earlier this year. It means that some personal information, such as what government workers are paid is no longer available.

Premier Binns is asked about when the bypass highway around Cornwall will be completed, and why he broke a promise to have the Trans-Canada Highway extended around the community.

Both the Liberals and NDP say they are willing to end claw backs of federal benefits to people on social assiatance. The Tories say they are still looking for a way to end the claw backs.

Robert GhizBoth Pat Binns and Robert Ghiz have worked in the federal government, Gary Robichaud has little experience in government. Both the Tories and Liberals say they will lobby the federal government for a better deal for P.E.I..

A number of residents in Hazelbrook have been protesting the approval of a construction and demolition dump in their area for the last few months. They say the government should not have allowed the dump to open.

Gary RobichaudWhile all three political parties are offering solutions to the nursing crisis, there has been little said about nurse practitioners One of the callers wanted to know what the leaders would do about nurse practitioners.




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