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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
Indepth  Features

Leaders Debate
Canada Now | Sept.25

Leaders debate 2003CBC Televsion hosted a live leaders debate on the evening of Thursday Sept. 25. The leaders debated the issues of leadership, electricity rates, auto insurance and health care.

The debate offered each leader a chance to make a one-minute opening statement. That was followed by an opportunity to address a number of topics that have come up during the election campaign, and a chance for the three leaders to debate the issue.


Much of the campaign has been focused on the three party leaders. Both the Liberals and Conservatives have built their advertising campaigns around the leaders. Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz says he is the fresh face of the future. Pat Binns says he has the experience to continue to lead the province.

During the debate portion on the topic, NDP Leader Gary Robichaud presses Pat Binns to end the long history of political patronage on the Island, and put proportional representation in place.

Health care

All three parties say health care is at the top of their agendas. Both the Liberals and Tories say they will hire more doctors and nurses for the province. The NDP is not willing to be part of the numbers game, preferring to concentrate on the issues of seniors health.


Car insurance rates have become an issue here on the Island. The Tories made moves just before the election call in an effort to keep rates down. However, both the Liberals and NDP say the rates will not hold steady without more changes. The New Democrats are advocating a public system, while the Liberals and Tories say they’ll only adopt public insurance after significant public consultation.

Electricity rates

The struggle for power on the Island includes the fight to control power rates. Tories say the Deep Panuke natural gas project is the best way to ensure a bright future for the Island. The Liberals and Tories say finding different sources of energy are the key to the future.

Closing statements

Each of the party leaders ended the debate with an opportunity to address viewers about why they should vote Liberal, Conservative or NDP.




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