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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
Indepth  Features

Two elections, by the numbers
Mitch Cormier | CBC News Online P.E.I. | Sept.25
Paddy Moore | CBC News Online Ottawa | Sept.25

Candidates are knocking on doors and barking promises in two provincial election campaigns, one in Prince Edward Island, the other in Ontario.

A single Ontario MPP can represent the equivalent of the Island's entire population.

It gave us pause to think about comparing the county's largest province, with its smallest.

Here�s a snapshot.
Legislature at time of the election call Conservatives 56, Liberal 36, NDP 9, Independent 1, Vacant 1 Conservatives 26, Liberal 1
Number of eligible voters during last election 7,598,407 97,180
Average number of voters per riding /district 73,771 3,485
Number of students in the capital's public school board 300,000 14,955
Hours to drive across the province west to east, at 100 km/h. 21 hours, 15 minutes 2 hours, 45 minutes (if you don�t get caught)
Polling stations 22,972 296
Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted for July 2003, as a per cent 7.1 10.4
Number of voters to number of Tim Hortons, expressed as a ratio 6,035:1 5,534:1
Potato production for 2002, in tonnes 315,900 1,310,500
Number of nurses parties promise to hire 8,000
(Liberal and PC)
200 Liberals
80 Conservatives
Number of registered nurses working in the province 83,123
(in 2002)
(in 2003)
Number of homicides in 2001 170 2
Years of Conservative government to years of Liberal government during the last 100 years, expressed as a ratio. 5 : 1 1 : 1.86
Number of Conservative premiers to number of Liberal premiers during the last 100 years. 12 : 5 9 : 15
Total number of candidates 522 78
Independent & fringe party candidates 213 0
Length of campaign 30 days 26 days
Age of youngest key leader running 48 29
Number of campaign buses used by the leaders 3
(although the Liberals added another for the homestretch, bringing the total to 4)
Number of campaign bikes used by the leaders 1 (Green) 0
Preferred airplane of leaders Dash 7 Dodge minivan
Number of attack ads 2
(both PC ads)
Harshest description of opposition "evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet"
(Tories to Liberal leader)
Voter turnout in last election 58.3% 84.86%
Salary for legislative member $85,240 $35,967 taxable, $11,250 non taxable expenses
Cabinet minister salary Basic plus $32,997 Basic plus $41,585
Premier's salary Basic plus $61,860 Basic plus $58,875




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