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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
Prince Edward Island Legislature

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Voting Day September 29, 2003  
Indepth Features

Pop Quiz
Mitch Cormier | CBC Online News | Sept. 27

Forget the campaign brochures, posters and promise books for a moment. We want to know about the last time the party leaders apologized, and what they’d change about themselves. It’s time we asked the questions voters really want answered. Full story >>
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The 4x8 is the message
Mitch Cormier | CBC Online News | Sept. 26

There are some 78 candidates in this election campaign, but most signs point to two – Robert Ghiz and Pat Binns. It’s a battle of fresh and new against tried and true. Liberals and Conservatvies are banking on their leaders, while delivering different messages in their ad campaigns. Full Story>>


Talking with the leaders
Information Morning | Sept. 26

CBC Radio offered you the chance to speak directly with the three party leaders. more>>


Leaders debate
Canada Now | Sept. 25

CBC Televsion hosted a live leaders debate on the evening of Thursday Sept. 25. The leaders debated the issues of leadership, electricity rates, auto insurance and health care. more>>


Two elections, by the numbers
Mitch Cormier | CBC News Online P.E.I. | Sept.25
Paddy Moore | CBC News Online Ottawa | Sept.25

Candidates are knocking on doors and barking promises in two provincial election campaigns, one in Prince Edward Island, the other in Ontario. Full Story>>


Promise Box
Mitch Cormier | CBC Online News | Updated Sept. 22

The promises from all three parties continue to pile up. Keep track, and compare the party platforms with our Promise Box. Full story >>
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Just blog it
Nancy Russell | Canada Now | Sept. 19

They still have election brochures and lawn signs. But no political party would dream of running a campaign without a Web site and e-mail. And two Islanders are helping practise a new kind of politicking … the blog. Full Story>>


Keeping their word
Mitch Cormier | CBC Online News | Sept. 17

The Tories say this election campaign is all about continuing to build. On Sept. 2, the night Binns called this election race, he took time to highlight the Tories’ record in office. The Conservative leader had been delivering the message all summer long. Full Story>>


Political Timeline
Mitch Cormier | CBC Online News | Sept. 17

We may be small, but Prince Edward Island has carved out its share of political history. Full Story>>


Ridings to watch
Mitch Cormier | CBC Online News | Sept. 15

Many Islanders will bristle at the thought that Charlottetown will be at the centre of election coverage on Sept. 29. There are going to be a number of hot spots all across the province. However, early indications are the five ridings in the capital city will provide the closest, and most interesting races of the evening. Full Story>>


The race is on
Mitch Cormier | CBC Online News | Sept. 2

Pat Binns is ready to make history in this election, but two other parties hope they'll be more than just a footnote to it. If Binns can pull it off, he'll be the first modern day Tory premier to win three majority governments on the Island.
Full Story>>




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