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  Main > Commentary >The Island Morning political panel - Sept. 25
Voting Day September 29, 2003  

Island Morning political panel
Nancy Key, Paul MacNeil, Ross Young | Sept. 25

Sept. 25, 2003 - Listen to the panel
(runs 14:58)audio icon

On the Guardian poll that says the Liberals are closing the gap on the Tories:

Paul - "The real story here is the 34 per cent undecided. The Binns government is heading for a steamroll, and a considerable one."
Nancy - "The Liberal party should look long and hard at how its running its campaign."
Ross - "The undecided is a rather a curious one."

On why electricity rates are not one of the top issues in Islanders minds:

Ross- "First and foremost health care is the number one issue."
Paul - "If this was a spring election the electricity bills would be the first thing on their minds."
Nancy - "It certainly is on mine."

On the NDP campaign, and revelations two candidates let their names stand simply to fill the ballot:

Nancy - "It's pathetic if all you're going to do is push a warm body into a seat to draw a protest vote."
- "It's unfortunate for the party."
- "Island media tend to show the NDP aside. They have the advanced platform, they just don't get the play."



Island Morning logoThe Island Morning political panel of Summerside lawyer Nancy Key, newspaper publisher Paul MacNeill and financial advisor and former Liberal MLA Ross Young are tackling the election campaign. Each Friday morning at 7:45 they'll talk about the parties and issues on CBC Radio One. You can also hear what they have to say here on our Web page.




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