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Voting Day September 29, 2003  

Island Morning political panel
Nancy Key, Paul MacNeil, Ross Young | Sept. 19

Sept.19, 2003 - Listen to the panel
(runs 15:07)audio icon

On who won the first leaders debate held at UPEI:

Paul- "It was basically a break even proposition. Which means Binns won"
Nancy - "I think the winner was Gary Robichaud of the NDP."
Ross - "I was pleasantly surprised by Gary Robichaud ... I have to give the edge to Ghiz."

On the issue of electricity rates, have the Tories stolen the thunder of the Liberals by announcing the utility would be monitored by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission:

Ross- "There has been no real plan."
Nancy - "The point is not the cost, it is the supply."
Paul - "The Binns government has mishandled the energy file."

On same sex marriage as a doorstep issue:

Paul- "This is clearly a case of politicians failing to lead"
- "You don't win on this one. People just want some insight."

On the Tory idea of tax breaks for farmers who take agricultural land out of production because of new land protection laws:

-"Clearly this is just crass politics."
- "Compensation isn't the issue. It's where the compensation comes from."
- "What I' de rather see is some sort of assistance for farmers to ensure a fair price for his commodity."




Island Morning logoThe Island Morning political panel of Summerside lawyer Nancy Key, newspaper publisher Paul MacNeill and financial advisor and former Liberal MLA Ross Young are tackling the election campaign. Each Friday morning at 7:45 they'll talk about the parties and issues on CBC Radio One. You can also hear what they have to say here on our Web page.




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