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Voting Day September 29, 2003  

Island Morning political panel
Nancy Key, Paul MacNeil, Ross Young | Sept. 12

Sept.12, 2003 - Listen to the panel in action
(runs 14:05)audio icon

On the National Post's story on Robert Ghiz's expense claims while working for the Prime Minister's Office:

Nancy - "This is someone who spent more in one month than a family pays for groceries."
Ross - "They do spend a lot of time with the business community."
Paul - "This is not his tab. This is our tab."

On Liberal candidate Duke Cormier's idea of dropping the ban on canned pop, and Robert Ghiz's decision to distance the party from the issue:

Paul - "If this is all they've got, then they're in trouble."
Nancy - "In backing off the issue mid-week he's really left his candidate out to dry."

On Liberal and Conservative promises to hire more nurses for Prince Edward Island while 30 nursing positions are still open in the province:

Ross- "They definitely need more respect from all of the parties."
- "It's good to promise, but where are they going to get them?"
Nancy - "The issue is how do you bring nurses to Prince Edward Island."

On the NDP campaign so far:

-"I don't see them as big players this time around, and I don't know why not."
- "It's got a lot to do with the professionalization of your presentation."
- "The NDP is the only party talking about the gouging of seniors in manors."




Island Morning logoThe Island Morning political panel of Summerside lawyer Nancy Key, newspaper publisher Paul MacNeill and financial advisor and former Liberal MLA Ross Young are tackling the election campaign. Each Friday morning at 7:45 they'll talk about the parties and issues on CBC Radio One. You can also hear what they have to say here on our Web page.




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