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CBC Television | July 22, 2005
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Island Mussels

Jim Strew adds an Asian flair to Island mussels in this week's edition of the Recipe Thief.

Island MusselsIngredients:

1 pound of mussels per person
1 inch piece of ginger
3 cloves of garlic
1 stalk of lemon grass
¼ cup fresh basil
¼ cup fresh chives
¼ cup white wine


Finely chop the garlic, ginger, chives and basil.

Bruise the lemon grass by hitting it with the back of a knife, and then cut it into one-inch pieces. Put all these ingredients in a pot large enough that mussels fill it to half full. Don't forget the mussels will double in volume as they cook.

Add white wine, and mussels then toss ingredients.

Steam for five to seven minutes and serve with the broth or with garlic butter.



Jim Strew and Kevin GallantWhen Hope River's Jim Strew started developing this recipe he had to lobby the local grocery store to bring in lemon grass.

Once he got his hands on this Asian cooking staple, he added the zip of fresh garlic and incomparable taste of fresh herbs to the white wine that steams the mussels.

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