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Event announcement guidelines

The following are guidelines to improve the clarity and effectiveness of your event announcement.

  1. Notices must be in our hands at least two weeks before we can air them.
  2. Keep it short: not more than 70 words long.
  3. Cover the five "W's": Who, What, When, Where, Why. Tell us...
    1. Why our listeners will find it interesting.
    2. What the event is.
    3. Where it is being held.
    4. Who is putting it on.
    5. When it's happening (time, day, date, month).
    6. When the announcement should run, and when it should end.
    7. No announcement will run more than three weeks.
  4. Indicate ticket prices or other charges.
  5. Make it clear how names are pronounced (include phonetic versions)
  6. Include contact information that our listeners can refer to.
  7. Let us know in plenty of time if you have to cancel your event.
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Note: event notices must be submitted at least two weeks before they can be aired. Please indicate how to pronounce unusual names, or places. Examples: Howard Dyke (pronounced Dick), Thames River (pronounced Temz River).