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Lobster Prices


Prices fishermen are getting for lobster on the wharf in the Maritimes are at their lowest in 20 years, $2.75 a pound ($6.05 a kg).

In an effort to shore up demand, and perhaps increase prices, the Town of Georgetown, P.E.I., has made arrangements with local seafood processors and courier companies to ship lobster (13.6 kg minimum) anywhere in the country, with town staff acting as agents.

The price dip has also created concerns that retailers are perhaps taking advantage of low prices on the wharf to earn big profits in their stores.

To answer those concerns, CBCNews.ca has created this map, with a random sampling of prices across the country, which turn out to be surprisingly consistent.

If you're planning a big party, we've included the prices you can get ordering through Georgetown.

Is there a place in your community where you can get a better price? Leave a comment and let us know.

  • $10-14.99/kg
  • $15-19.99/kg
  • Over $20/kg
  • Georgetown

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