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Tignish Christmas Village

Posted: Dec 17, 2013

Jim Cobham's Christmas village started out as a friendly competition with his sister and brother-in-law, but after years of work it has expanded to take over almost the entire ground floor of his home.

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With a downtown, alpine suburbs, a big box store, train service and even a graveyard, Cobham's creation in his home in the western P.E.I. community of Tignish may have outgrown being a village.

The village includes fences made with real twigs, hand-made wind turbines (Tignish is just a few kilometers away the Wind Energy Institute of Canada), and tiny boats named for Cobham's daughters.

From Dec. 16-22, Cobham has opened his home up to visitors who want a close look at the Christmas village, and he is gathering donations for the food bank.

Take a closer look at Jim Cobham's Christmas village

(Photo credit: Sara Fraser/CBC)

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