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The experiences of Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and key eye witnesses offer dramatic insight into what really happened in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. What did they witness that day? And what can we learn about the tragedy by reliving it through the eyes of those who were there? With extraordinary archival footage Inside JFK’s Assassination weaves together the various perspectives and recollections of key witnesses, their stories converging in the moment President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot.

The future widow of the President, a bodyguard, a photographer, a bystander - on November 22, 1963 they were all in Dallas, and JFK’s assassination would forever be embedded in their memory. From the gunshots heard at Dealey Plaza to the Parkland Memorial Hospital, and from the autopsy room at Bethesda to Arlington Cemetery, the finer details of what happened that fateful day are revealed by observing the powerful human moments.

“In all the haste, the Kennedys’ room was emptied of all their possessions, and Johnson didn’t show the least embarrassment when Jackie found him with his feet up on what had that very morning been her bed. Mrs. Johnson merely stammered a timid ‘Jackie, I’m so sorry this has all happened in our beloved Texas.’” – Inside JFK’s Assassination

Fifty years later, Kennedy’s death is still shrouded in mystery. Despite meticulous work by journalists and investigators to unveil the truth, it remains surrounded by conspiracy theories and unexamined minutiae. Inside JFK’s Assassination takes a closer look at the simpler human elements of the story. By exploring the hidden details and the reactions of those above suspicion - Jackie Kennedy, soon-to-be President Lyndon Johnson, and simple anonymous onlookers whose witness accounts thrust them into the spotlight, the film brings one of the most momentous events of the 20th century to light.

Award winning director Patrick Jeudy has made several prior films about the Kennedys, including The Kennedy Saga, Jackie Kennedy: What Jackie Knew and Bob Kennedy, The Man Who Wanted to Change America. Inside JFK's Assassination is produced for ARTE France.

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