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Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth, takes us on a journey into the modern lifestyle and diet trends influencing millions, where people are urged to eat ‘clean’, ditch meat, shun sugar and give up gluten. It’s all about eating and feeling better.

With Dr. Giles Yeo as our guide we meet lifestyle gurus who’ve become bestselling authors and social media sensations. The profits for these prophets have been huge. But Yeo, a biochemist from Cambridge, England, wants to understand the science behind it all, and questions where the advice comes from and if it's based on solid facts.

SCENE FROM THE FILM: Meet a cardiologist who advises his patients to remove grains and sugars from their diet.

"I wasn’t just shocked by what I found; some of it frightened me," Dr. Yeo explains. "If you’re going to give extreme diet advice, you’ve got to have proof."

Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth shines a light on diet and health regimens where, at least for some people, "the proof is personal." These fads may be unorthodox and unusual. But in some cases, they may even be catastrophic — especially when followers reject years of accepted wisdom about diet, nutrition and medicine and embrace hope and hype instead.

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