By Adina Goldman  

There’s a good reason President Trump found a kindred spirit in Steve Bannon. As seen in the documentary Bannon's War, like Trump, Bannon loves to fight. He understands that the appearance as power is as important as actual power. 

In the perceived power, there is actual power.

Ben Shapiro, former editor-at-large, Breitbart

Ben Shapiro

“Bannon is the type of guy who likes to shroud himself in mystery to promulgate the perception that he’s a powerful player. He is smart, but more balls than brains. It’s why he portrays himself as Darth Vader.”

He’s running a television show

Kurt Bardella, Former Spokesman, Breitbart

Kurt Bardella

“Steve is orchestrating a television show. Steve and Trump, what people don’t seem to understand about them is they are P.T. Barnum; they are Vince McMahon of the WWE. They are putting out a product, and that product is confrontation and being provocative. And that trumps any ideology, that supersedes any policy, that they believe that they can win when they are instigating conflict … And they do.”

The media are your enemy

Joel Pollack, editor-at-large, Breitbart

Joel Pollack

The “Breitbart Touch” means you should never enter any situation expecting to impress media, says Pollack. Instead, you surprise them, throw them off kilter. “Give them something they will all have to follow.”

Both Bannon and Trump are driven to win

Alex Marlow, Editor-in-Chief, Breitbart

Alex Marlow

Bannon paid attention to how hard Obama worked, and knew what had to be done. A hard worker himself, he didn’t think the right of centre worked hard enough. “Bannon is results and winning-oriented, just like Trump. It’s one of many things they saw in one another.“

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