World Vasectomy Day

The Vasectomist follows an eccentric doctor as he travels the world on a mission to get men to talk about their sex lives, and help solve the world's population problems one snip at a time. Dr. Doug Stein is a modern-day crusader, well known in Florida for his billlboards that loom across interstate highways promoting low-cost, scalpel-free vasectomies.

Now, working with an Emmy award-winning director, he’s launched the first ever World Vasectomy Day on October 18th – one day before the documentary premieres on The Passionate Eye. On World Vasectomy Day, Dr. Stein will be operating all day long in front of a live audience in Australia with live streaming so the rest of the world can watch. Meanwhile, more than 100 doctors in 17 countries, including Canada, will be simultaneously performing vasectomies and reporting in via Skype. The goal is to sign up 1,000 male volunteers willing to “put their balls on the line to help the planet.”

“In my opinion, vasectomy is the single best option for sexually active heterosexual men whose families are complete,” Dr. Stein says.

In The Vasectomist, Dr. Stein is trying to build a global movement to reduce overpopulation by getting men to take more responsibility for their sex lives and family planning. All told, he has performed close to 30,000 vasectomies in the US, Asia, Africa and the Carribbean.

The film follows Dr. Stein as he traverses Florida and talks to men about why they’ve chosen to “exit the gene pool”. Then it travels with him to remote regions of the Philippines and Haiti – where his message is not always welcomed. Dr. Stein confronts political and religious groups who believe any form of family planning is morally wrong. And he encounters many men (and even some women) who believe that birth control is a “women’s issue” and that vasectomies compromise virility.

The film is a journey through these difficult and divisive issues, crossing cultural, religious and political taboos with both humour and gravitas. Through Dr. Stein’s many personal encounters with men, the film provokes a new conversation about public issues like overpopulation, over-consumption and the planet’s environmental tipping point.

Directed by Jonathan Stack, a multiple Emmy Award-winning and two-time Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker. He is also a father of three who became Dr. Stein’s client number 25,075.

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