13 March 2014: The Delhi high court confirms the death sentences for Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta.
March - June: The death sentences are appealed to the Supreme Court, the court of last resort. To date the appeals process is still ongoing.
December 2015: The man convicted as a juvenile, was released after serving 3 years in a reform facility - the maximum term possible for a juvenile in India

India’s Daughter was awarded a 2016 Peabody Award for distinguished achievement and meritorious public service.

India’s Daughter is the story of the gang rape and murder of a young woman that shocked the world and sparked riots and protests all over India. Grieving parents and one of the rapists tell the story of the night six men brutally assaulted 23 year old medical student, Jyoti Singh while driving around Delhi, India's Capital, in a bus.

"So many of our people grow up thinking that a girl is less important than a boy is. Because she's less important you can do what you like with her."
-Sheila Dixit, DELHI Chief Minister (1998-2013)

On December 16, 2012 Jyoti and a male friend boarded a private bus to return home after going to a movie. The six men on the bus objected to a girl and unrelated boy being out alone and in order to teach them a lesson they beat her friend unconscious and brutally assaulted and gang raped her for almost an hour as the bus rode round and round the highways, before throwing them out of the bus and into a ditch. Against all odds, Jyoti survived two weeks but died after multiple surgeries.

"For a father who once upon a time let his baby girl sleep over him, who held her in his arms and played with her, who held her finger and taught her to walk...to have to set fire to that daughter during cremation by his very hands...this is very difficult. The most difficult."
-Badri Singh

Jyoti's mother grievingJyoti's mother

From birth Jyoti's parents considered her a gift, a light in their lives. When their daughter decided she wanted to be a doctor, her parents, against the wishes of their extended family, sold their ancestral lands to send their girl to medical school. After working night shifts at a call centre, and sleeping just three hours a night for four years Jyoti had just finished her final exams when her evening out turned fatal.

The brutal and brazen crime inspired Indians to take to the streets for over a month and protest their country's tragic problem of systemic violence against women. Ordinary men and women withstood tear gas, water cannons and police brutality to demand changes in India's attitudes towards women. The collective outrage has led to changes in law and the first glimmers of change in a deeply ingrained mindset. 

India’s Daughter also examines the values and mindsets of the rapists whom the filmmakers had exclusive and unprecedented access to interview between their conviction and expected hanging. It exposes a skewed patriarchal society in which an institutionalized view of women as second-class, and even undesirable, citizens leads to such heinous crimes against women. It makes an impassioned plea for change and reveals the deadly price one young woman and her family have paid for the continuing tragedy of violence against women.

Leslee Udwin, the British filmmaker talks about her interview with Mukesh Singh, one of the men convicted of raping and killing a woman. Video by AP.

"Our daughter's name is Jyoti Singh. In death she has lit a torch...she posed a question. What is the meaning of 'a woman?' I wish that whatever darkness there is in the world should be dispelled by this light." -Badri Singh

Director-Producer Leslee Udwin is a BAFTA award winning producer for East is East, her first feature film. The follow up to that film, West is West premiered at TIFF in 2010.

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Director and Producer

Leslee Udwin

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Assassin Films / Tathagat Films


Anuradha Singh



Nick Fraser

Kate Townsend

Mette Hoffman Meyer

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