They are a visible force in many urban centres, dressing in a very laid-back way, gentrifying neighborhoods, and selling things like craft beer, organic coffee and fair trade chocolate. But just who are “hipsters?” And, what’s behind their deliberate drive to forge new places to live and new ways to work?

In Hipster Handbook, British social commentator Peter York takes us on a voyage of discovery into the world of the new urban bohemian. It’s where the latest in ultra cool meets a vision of a romantic past. It’s all about rejecting modern corporate life and looking decidedly casual — even if the look seems carefully constructed with knit hats, plaid shirts, bushy beards and the like.

SCENE FROM THE FILM: Understanding the allure of 'The Lumberjack'

Travelling to both London and the birthplace of the hipster, New York, the film delves into the complexity of what it means to be authentic versus inauthentic today. And it explores how hipsters could be shaking up modern life. While they aren’t threatening anyone, they just might be challenging some people’s assumptions on how life should be lived.

The film also examines the roots of the hipster movement and the backlash by people opposed to - or excluded from - the resulting economic and social upheaval. The film also shines an unsparing light on how mainstream corporate culture is now paying very close attention to the hipster vibe, catching on and cashing in.

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