THE PASSIONATE EYE is Canada's longest-running national showcase for documentaries, now celebrating its 25th season. It provides Canadians with insights from around the world, exploring international events and people through timely and provocative award-winning documentaries.

THE PASSIONATE EYE documentaries feature the very best: they have won every major award including Emmys®, Oscars®, Peabodys and Geminis. They include investigative and 'behind the scenes' films like Saudi Arabia Uncovered, The Secret History of ISIS, and Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth, from last season.

THE PASSIONATE EYE is one of the only documentary series in Canada where viewers can see a selection of the world's best and most newsworthy political and social issue documentaries.

Here are a few titles to watch for this season (2017-2018): Diana: Her Story, Hunting the KGB Killers, Ivanka Trump: America's Real First Lady?, Abacus: Small Enough to Jail and North Korea: Murder in the Family.