Cute Craft for Kids: Make an Egg-Carton Froog

By Cheryl Sliz

Can't get enough of that crazy super villain Baron von Froog? Now it's your turn to get froogy and make your very own!


What you need:

  • egg carton
  • red and green acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • red pipe cleaner
  • green felt


1. Cut 2 attached egg cups and trim the bumpy tops to make them straight. They should be able to fold up close. If they break apart, you can simply tape them back together on one side.

2. Cut one single egg cup to make the helmet.

3. Paint the double cup green and the helmet red. Set them aside to dry.


4. Draw the "F", feet, and tongue on the felt (a pen works best) and cut them each out. 

5. Cut 1 inch of the pipe cleaner and glue the "F" on one end.

6. Once the green body is dry, start glueing on the eyes, tongue and feet.


7. Poke a hole through the top of the red helmet and place the pipe cleaner in.

8. Glue the red helmet to the head.

Now you have your very own pet Froog! Be sure to catch more Froog on the Kids' CBC TV for Me App or play our story-based game Choose With Froog.

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