Toto Judge: Mike MacBeth


Mike Macbeth is a second generation dog breeder. Her mother founded "Glahms" Kennels in 1951 and Mike took over in 1968. Turning her attention to Dandie Dinmont Terriers, she has bred more Best in Show Dandies than any other kennel in history. She has produced three World Champions, including one named "Dawson" considered one of Canada's most successful international show dogs, with 9 championship titles. He made history by becoming the first North American dog of any breed to win a breed show in Britain when quarantine was lifted (2003), and returned to the UK to become the first North American dog to win the Terrier group at the prestigious Windsor Championship show (04). He was also BIS 4 on day one at the World Show, 2005.

An all-breed judge who judges internationally, Mike is a life member of the Canadian Kennel Club and founder and President of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Canada.

Mike, who was voted one of Canada's top 5 judges, was recently honored by the Canadian Dog Judges Association for her 20th year as an All Breed Judge. She has adjudicated in 23 countries at prestigious events on 5 continents, including Australia's celebrated Adelaide Royal (4,000 dogs over 10 days) on three occasions - the only international judge do do so.

Mike has lectured at Canada's premiere Veterinary College, and has conducted seminars for dozens of dog related events. She has been a frequent contributor to several international canine publications. She was also the creator and show chairman of the $100,000 Royal Dog Show (Royal Winter Fair, 1998), and creator of the 2008 Purina National, the Canadian Kennel Club's Charity Event.

Combining her creative skills with her canine knowledge she currently conceives and organizes all the educational programming for PawsWay, in Toronto, Canada, the world's first educational centre for dogs (and cats!)