Toto Judge: Deb McGrath


Deb, a graduate from Ryerson theatre, honed her comedy skills at the famed Second City in Toronto where she met her husband Colin Mochrie. They moved to L.A. when she co-created a show called My Talk Show. Since then, Deb has done a myriad of TV, film, animation and ads. Her work of late has included, Little Mosque on the Prairie where she plays the Mayor, Single White Spenny, the voice of Winners, and The Ron James Show. Deb was also nominated for an Actra Award for the movie Expecting and has been inducted into the Scarborough Walk of Fame, a proud moment for this former Scarborough girl.

Deb created, co-wrote, produced and starred in CBC's Getting Along Famously with her husband Colin. Together they have also played a husband and wife in Love Letters and Sunshine sketches of a Little Town for CBC, and Living in my Car. Deb has just co-created a pilot called Filling the Gaps with Colin and her writing partner Barbara Radecki. With Barb she created a labour of love-their blog. Last year she and Barb were nominated as one of the 100 most influential bloggers in North America.