Tevra Plamondon


16-year-old Tevra hails from Red Deer, Alberta and has just finished grade ten.

Tevra is a competitive dancer who has been dancing since the age of three. The first stage production she ever saw was Annie, where Tevra says she was spellbound by the experience.

As a role model, Tevra admires Julie Andrews and the authenticity she brings to every role she plays.

In the little time she has outside of dancing and singing, Tevra is usually busy finishing her homework and reading comic books. Tevra can also play the alto saxophone and drums.

Tevra believes she's a perfect fit for the role of Dorothy, because like Dorothy, Tevra isn't afraid to stand up for her friends.

Tevra says that she imagines winning Over the Rainbow would be "positively magical." She also has two dogs, Nixie and Yogi, and her favourite song to sing is Forget About the Boy from Thoroughly Modern Millie.