Sarah Forestieri


Sarah has always loved to sing for whoever would listen. The 17-year-old from Nobleton, Ontario is currently a vocal major in a regional arts program at St. Elizabeth C.H.S. Over the summer, Sarah spent three weeks in New York City studying musical theatre.

Sarah remembers seeing The Lion King when she was only seven, and said watching the play felt like magic. She says she knew that she wanted to be a performer when she landed the lead role in grade nine for a high school musical.

Sarah's role model is Idina Menzel, and says she really appreciates her dedication. Her favourite author is Margaret Atwood, and she says she loves discovering new musicals and is obsessed with frozen yogurt.

Sarah says the role of Dorothy is timeless, and that anyone of any age can relate to her - which is why she wants the role! She has a pet dog named Phoebe. If she had to pick a favourite song to sing, it would be Someone to Watch Over Me.

Sarah hopes that she can inspire others to love theatre as much as she does.