Malindi Ayienga


16-year-old Malindi hails from Toronto, Ontario and finished grade 11 earlier this year at the Etobicoke Schools of the Arts.

Malindi says she wanted to perform on stage ever since watching Barney as a young girl and remembers wishing she were one of the kids dancing with the big purple dinosaur.

Now Malindi looks up to Karen Olivo (West Side Story), and has an autographed photo of Karen hanging on her wall.

You wouldn't know it from watching her YouTube videos, but Malindi says she used to suffer from extreme stage fright. She's not the only talented member of her family either, as her younger sister Kaisha just graduated from the Karen Kain School of the Arts and her cousin Tyler has performed on stage in Stratford.

Malindi says she relates to Dorothy's love of family, and playing her would make her dreams come true. Malindi has a dog named Samson, and her favourite song to sing is Children of Eden.