Emily Robertson


East coast represent! 16-year-old Emily was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and now lives in Milford Station. She just wrapped up grade ten, and has been studying voice for eleven years and dancing for two years.

Emily says the most inspirational musical that she's ever seen was The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Following that performance, she knew she had to be on the stage one day.

Emily aspires to have a career like Darren Criss, because he began his career doing community theatre and made his way into film and television.

Career aspirations aside, Emily likes to sketch, paint seashells she collects from the beach, and make jewelry with her friends.

Emily thinks she would make the perfect Dorothy because like the character, she wants to seek out bigger and better things in life, and to be noticed and heard. Emily's favourite song is Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.