Owner: Eveliina Wasmund

Ryker is a 4-year-old male German Shepherd from Washington. Owner Eveliina Wasmund says when she met Ryker as a puppy it was love at first sight. 'He seemed mature beyond his age and exuded a quiet confidence. He stared out the world with such calm and self-assuredness that I was impressed from day one.'

Ryker is an eager dog, and Eveliina says they have fun together and try to approach everything like a game, 'I always want him to know I'm happy with him, even when we don't succeed.'

Ryker loves playing Frisbee and Chuck It, and enjoys hide and seek and search and rescue games. He's had obedience and agility training - and placed 2nd in a trick competition at Winter Woofstock.

What's more - Ryker once saved owner Eveliina and her husband after their canoe tipped in Cameron Lake. As the two struggled to gather up their things, Ryker helped tow each of them and their canoe to safely to shore.

Wasmund adds that winning Over the Rainbow 'would be an adventure, filled with new shared experiences, having fun and meeting lots of new dogs.'