Owner: Colleen Frey

An 8-year-old male Border Collie from Vanessa, Ontario, Ripp is a loyal, gentle and friendly dog with a talent for athletics. Ripp has had extensive obedience classes and agility lessons at McCann Dog Training, and can jump a whopping 52 inches.

What's more - Ripp is a disc dog champion - having come 1st place twice in Canada, and in 2008 he ranked 10th in the U.S. and 15th in the world. He's also competed in flyball tournaments since the age of 2 and boasts a Flyball Master Title. He also has a penchant for staring at soccer balls if given the opportunity.

Ripp's owner, Colleen, has worked dog boarding kennels and daycares for the past 15 years, she also performs on dog demonstration team called Team K9. She says that 'Winning this contest means that so many people will be able to see how great a dog Ripp is. I would also love to show people what an amazing bond they can achieve with their dog.'

And a little fun fact, Ripp is no stranger to television; he was featured on an episode of the CBC's Murdoch Mysteries.