Owner: Darlene Byrom

Wulf is a 3-year-old male Long Haired Chihuahua from Bracebridge, Ontario. A real trooper, Wulf has overcome some adversity in his life. He's blind in one eye and almost lost vision in his good eye when he was hit by a cyclist. Owner Darlene Byrom describes her dog as brave, feisty and inquistive, and says he's got a real ability to bounce back.

Wulf has had some extensive obedience training, both from Darlene and professional classes. Some of his favourite activities are chasing squirrels and going for rides on Darlene's scooter. On the big side for a Chihuahua, Wulf also has a funny habit of curling his toes in whenever walking on a floor he hasn't been on before.

Darlene adds that Wulf would make a great Toto because he's devoted, loyal and playful.

You can often find Wulf at CAMH where he works as a therapy dog.