Owner: Reta Vivian Thompson

Linzy, or Lil' Linzy as she's affectionately called, is a 6-year-old mixed breed, part Schnauzer and part Daschund with a little Lhasa and Saluki. Linzy's owner Reta Thompson calls her an 'All-Canadian dog' who likes to her put her own spin on things.

Linzy has had some agility lessons and formal training at Campaign Dog Academy and loves doing musical freestyle. 'The first thing she ever learned to do was sneeze and scratch on command,' says Reta. Linzy's also got a qualifying score in standard starters at the Agility Association of Canada and according to Reta she 'runs like the wind.'

Reta goes on to describe Linzy as bright and eager to learn, and says she's got 'beautiful brown eyes that just melt your heart'. She also loves hoses and sprinklers, and apparently cleans her own nails and paws.

Reta explains that Linzy would be a perfect Toto because loves life and loves to please.