Owner: Tiffany Smyth

Guinness is a two-year-old female Yorkie-Pekingese mix from the Oshawa, Ontario area who according to owner Tiffany Smyth can pick up tricks very quickly.

Guinness enjoys playing fetch and going for car rides, and loves to play fight with boxing gloves. She also likes to accompany Tiffany when she goes for workouts on her roller skates, as well as stealing bones and toys from her big brother, Twix.

Tiffany explains that Guinness lit the family up with laughter one Christmas when she refused to get out of a stuffed toy chair that was a gift for one of the children. 'She's a great playful dog that loves, kids, cats and dogs and just wants to play with everything,' says Tiffany.

Not one for being camera shy - Guinness also loves posing and having her picture taken.