Owner: Jacqueline Goring

A 3-year-old Norfolk Terrier from New Tecumseth, Ontario, Daisy is described as a seemingly cute lapdog with a feisty spirit that loves to explore the woods and adventure. Owner Jacqueline Goring, a classical harpist, says Daisy had to overcome a hernia when she was born, and has since grown into a bright, independent companion with a wonderful temperament. Some of Daisy's favourite pastimes include chasing squirrels and playing with cat toys.

And that's not all. According to Jacqueline, Daisy loves to eat. She was entered into a hot-dog eating contest where she promptly finished first and began helping herself to the other dogs unfinished plates. Watch out Toto hopefuls!

Jacqueline wants to know if Daisy is destined for show business and believes that Over the Rainbow will give them both a great opportunity to find out.