Dorothy Diaries #9

Join us for another installment of the Nikon Dorothy Diaries! This time the girls take us on an impromptu backstage tour, from the green room to the stage!

And by popular demand, we asked Colleen and Cassandra to weigh in on their experiences living with the rest of the Dorothys, read on to see what they had to say.

Colleen on the Dorothys...

'Living in Dorothy Mansion has got to be one of the best parts of this whole experience. The girls and I are like one big happy family... All we're missing is a Toto!'

'Danielle and I are like an old married couple, but without the arguing. Also, if there's anything missing from my closet I know where to look, however she always asks politely.'

'Whenever Cassandra and I are together we're laughing, usually at ourselves. I also love when she give me hugs, because she's so tiny and I'm so tall.'

'I love AJ because she makes me food sometimes, teehee. I also love her because she gives the best cuddles and pep talks. I feel bad for AJ though, because the poor girl never gets a hot shower.'

'If Stephanie and I were actually roomates outside of this show, we would have the best time ever. We usually eat meals and clean up together. We also say and do the most awkward and hilarious things when we think nobody is looking.'

Cassandra on her roomies...

'I feel like while living Stephanie I've learned something new about her each day. For example, a little while ago I discovered that even though she's kind of quiet at times, she tends to make random noises to communicate. I've learned that 'bahh' means 'I'm tired' and 'beboldeeboop' means 'I'm testing my mic'.

'Rooming with AJ is hysterical. It usually involves us shoving food in our faces and lounging around in sweatpants. She also burps... A lot... but you didn't hear that from me.'

'Colleen and I have a very similar sense of humour, so you can usually find us watching hilarious cat videos on the internet. We also share a deep passion for red lipsticks... It's a problem.'

'And Danielle used to room with AJ and I, and I've learned that she can sleep through an earthquake. She also accepted my friend's proposal to Skype, so I guess that qualifies her as a risk taker.'

And there you have it Oz fans! It's not just an act, our Dorothys really do all get along! More to come!

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