Dorothy Diaries #8

They can sing, they can dance, they can act... But can they cook?

Well you'll have to watch this week's Nikon Dorothy Diaries clip to find out!

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But that's not all Rainbow fans. We asked a few of the girls to comment on what it's like to live with some of their Dorothy counterparts - here's what they had to say.

Stephanie on her roomates...

Living with AJ is like always having the radio on, she's always singing. And she does cook up a storm as well. She's usually the first one up and offers to make us breakfast.

Living with Cassandra is pretty cool, there's always someone to do your nails! She's a clean one and very tidy - although I haven't seen her room.

Colleen is a blast. She's very funny and she's the one who tends to take care of the dirty dishes, which is amazing because some others don't when we're in a rush.

Danielle is an awesome roomie. Our is probably the tidiest of the bunch. We go crazy at night and may or may not jump on the beds. Lots of great times!

AJ on the Dorothys...

I love living with all the Dorothys, and every time someone goes home the Dorothy mansion feels a little more empty. Cassandra is my roomate and the girl couldn't be more up my alley. The two of us are both messy at times, but never let it last too long. She spends a lot of time in the bathroom but I in turn spend very little. We could make a very well functioning and adorable couple. Sorry to our boyfriends, hehe.

Danielle can sleep through anything, it's amazing. And she always helps me pick out my swagger of the day.

Steph is quiet when everyone needs it, and a part and a half when everyone really needs it. She's also my cooking partner!

Colleen is the easiest roomate of all. She's always on time and cleans up after herself. She's got her head on straight!

Danielle offers a few words about each Dorothy...

Each girl brings something wonderful to our house, whether it be jokes, songs or a mess. We love each other and I think that's very rare in a competition. I know that every time I watch one of the girls perform I want them to kick butt! I couldn't be more proud.

Steph is loveable, quiet, crazy, clean, sweet and happy, her smile is infectious.

Cassandra is smart, quirky and cute.

AJ is focused, determined and fun.

Colleen is insane, fantastic and joyful.

Check back soon for our next edition of the Nikon Dorothy Diaries folks, until then, get cracking on those omelettes!

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