Dorothy Diaries #5

Gather round Over the Rainbow fans, we've got another edition of the Nikon Dorothy Diaries hot off the presses for you! Our Dorothys were in attendance at last night's production of Sister Act at the Ed Mirvish theatre in Toronto, and we've got the photos to prove it!

And earlier this week, we spoke with Dorothy candidates Colleen, Stephanie and Jennifer. We asked them to tell us what they think has been their strongest performance on the show so far, as well as what they felt has been the most helpful piece of constructive criticism they've received. Read on to find out what they had to say!

Colleen on her strongest performance and self-confidence...

'I think 'Legally Blonde' has been my best performance so far. I felt so in my element and I was happy that people could finally see my musical theatre training shine through. I was extremely fortunate to see the original Broadway cast perform in 'Legally Blonde' when I was in Grade 9 on a school trip to New York. I remember wishing I could play Elle, but the fact that I was indeed very brunette made me doubt myself. So when I found out I'd be performing the song I was so excited. I finally got to be Elle! My voice felt so comfortable in the range of the song and I connected really well with the lyrics.'

'I think the best constructive criticism I've gotten on the show was to work on my confidence. The judges have always (fortunately) given me positive feedback so I feel like if I can show them my self-confidence during my performances I would get even better feedback!'

Stephanie on Thom Allison and how she's felt about her performances so far...

'So far, I've enjoyed every performance in a different way. 'The Climb' was nice as it showed a soft side of me and was very relatable as far as Dorothy and this competition. Singing 'Titanium' was a huge contrast and I was able to prove that I may be quiet, but as Krisin Chenoweth said, 'I'm like a tornado in the middle of New York'. It showed the feisty side of me that people don't always see. And 'What A Feeling' was tons of fun. I like how the song builds from something slow to upbeat and energetic.'

'So far, the best constructive criticism that I've received was from Thom Allison last week, when he told me to transition my thoughts and ideas more effectively. I think it'll definitely give a better flow to my performances and make them more concrete.'

Jennifer on her favourite performance and best feedback...

'I think so far my favourite performance was actually in our group number, 'Defying Gravity'. I just loved expressing the strength, power, passion and determination that's in that song. But I also loved performing my solo's, especially 'Whistle Down The Wind' and 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious', both were challenging in different ways but equally fun.'

'I think one of the of the best pieces of feedback that the judges have given me so far is to truly think of each thought in the lyrics and stories of my songs, in order to make them specific and relatable. I'm trying to apply that to my song for the next show and I can't wait, I'm so excited.'

Check back soon for our next installment of the Nikon Dorothy Diaries, we're told some of our Dorothys may reveal their secret talents!

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