Dorothy Diaries #4

Hello Over the Rainbow fans! We've got another edition of the Nikon Dorothy Diaries for your reading and viewing pleasure!

This time around we asked Jessie, AJ, Cassandra and Danielle to get out their Nikon 1's and tell us how they felt about their songs from the past week. Check out the clip below to see what the girls had to say!

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We then asked our Dorothys to grab their diaries and tell us a little bit about when they decided to chase their dreams and begin pursuing careers musical theatre. Read on!

Cassandra explains how it all started with a toy piano...

'When I was three years old, I went to a store with my parents, and my dad brought me over to a mini electric piano. I played it in the store for ten minutes before my parents headed for the checkout. Being the angelic child that I was, never crying or throwing tantrums, it surprised my parents when I burst out screaming. When they took me away from the piano I wouldn't let them leave the store without it. That's what started my journey towards becoming a musician and performer. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life.'

AJ on singing in the bank...

'The first two musicals I ever saw were Les Miserables and Annie. As a dramatic little diva of 3 years old Annie stole my heart and I never really got it back. The real pinnacle moment in my life was at a bank with my mother, I was only about 4. I started singing 'Tomorrow' from Annie. I was standing there, belting away and just before I hit the big note at the end, I turned up to see if everyone in the bank was watching, then wailed the last note note and threw my hands out. My mom told me that that was when she knew I was a performer. She never let me live it down and I never stopped singing banks.'

Danielle on getting her first role...

'Performing has always been a passion of mine but I think I realized that I wanted to do it forever when I played Sandy in Grease. I had always loved musicals but never really had the chance to be in one. I had auditioned for two others before, but I didn't get in. But that didn't stop me. I just worked harder, practiced more and told myself that I could do it. And then one day that actually worked. When I walked on stage for the first performance I was beyond nervous, but so excited. It was then that I realized that I couldn't do anything else. I realized I would be lost without music. There was nothing in my entire life that gave me the same rush as performing.'

Jessie on the magic of musical theatre...

'I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be on stage. I grew up singing for my parents and sister and nanny every morning. Apparently when I was a child I would only fall asleep to music, especially The Eagles, and I still need music on all the time. But I think it was when I saw The Lion King that I became mesmerized by the stage. And when I saw Wicked I wanted so badly to be on stage singing 'Defying Gravity'. I can't explain the feeling I get when I see a show, especially The Lion King and Wicked. When you're young there's a kind of magic to everything, and if I could give that feeling to someone, the feeling that I had, that's all I want as a performer.'

Do you remember the first time you realized you wanted to follow your dreams? Comment below and let us know!

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