Dorothy Diaries #10

For this week's edition of the Nikon Dorothy Diaries, we decided to have the girls get up to a little goofy fun. So we gave our Top 4 pens and paper and asked them to draw a portrait of another Dorothy, then shoot it with their Nikon 1's. Stand back and behold the results!

We also asked Colleen and AJ to give us any advice they might have for young performers who want to follow in their footsteps, check out what they had to say!

Colleen's advice to young performers...

'If I could give any advice to young performers it would be to sing, dance and act from the heart. My mom has always repeated those words to me before every single performance I've ever done. Passion is what sets you out from the crowd and it allows you to stay true to your own emotions. There are times where you may get down on yourself, and those are the times when passion can lift you up and bring you back on your feet. There's a certain sparkle behind the eyes of performers who allow an audience to see how much they love performing.'

AJ's advice to young performers...

'This experience has taught me so much about myself. If there is anything I could say to the girls out there who shamelessly belt their favourite show tunes in their rooms until 2 o'clock in the morning... It would be this... Milk everything for what it's worth and have fun! Then you will never be disappointed. It's not about what you accomplish, it's about what you overcome! Sometimes things get hard, but it makes you appreciate your success all the more! Always smile and be yourself.'

Our Top 4 sincerely hope you liked the portraits. Be sure to check back here soon for another installment of the Nikon Dorothy Diaries!

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