Each of our remaining six Dorothys have had incredible support from their hometowns and from across Canada.

So let's up the stakes a little....

We're rewarding your support by putting 500 extra votes up for grabs.

Here's how it works...

You need to get together with your local community and show your support for a Dorothy.

Plaster your town with Allegiance Posters, post messages of support where you can (using letterboards, scoreboards etc), or your own creations. IT JUST NEEDS TO MENTION A DOROTHY BY NAME. For example "Sarah for Dorothy" would work just fine.

Here's the important bit...

Take a photo as evidence, using whatever camera you can get your hands on (we don't need to see spectacular photography skills here - we just need to make out the message) and post the image to our Facebook Page.

At 12 NOON SUNDAY OCTOBER 14, we'll tally up the images. Which ever Dorothy has the most photos, gets the extra votes.

Anything that comes through after Noon on Sunday won't be counted. Duplicates won't be counted either.

Easy Peasy!