The Final Vote

Alright Over the Rainbow fans. This is it.

The moment you've all been waiting for. Seven weeks in the making. It's all come down to this.


This Sunday AJ Bridel, Stephanie La Rochelle and Danielle Wade will give it all they've got and will leave their hearts on the stage in the final performance show of the series.

Then Canada, it's up to you.

You will decide whether AJ, Stephanie or Danielle will step into those Ruby Reds and onto the stage of The Ed Mirvish Theater in Toronto.

To help your Dorothy reach her dream you must VOTE for her. And you can do that one of two ways. Here's a helpful guide, just in case you've forgotten:

1) Earn votes Online (you're on the site right now!) or using the App. Register for a free account and complete daily challenges to earn extra votes. You can also earn even more votes by participating in Happy Hour this Friday (One Hour, Ten Votes), or by playing along during Sundays live show.

2) You can also vote up to ten times per land line by calling 1-888-889-5989

Phone voting opens at 7:55 PM ET and closes at 00:59 AM ET on Monday

Online voting opens at 7:55 PM ET and closes at 11:59 AM ET on Monday

It's a tough decision Canada because our three remaining Dorothys are all strong contenders. Anyone of them could be Dorothy. But which one?

Final Performance show airs Sunday at 8/8:30pm nt and our big, huge, gigantic finale airs Monday at 8/8:30pm nt

Answer the trivia question below to earn votes that you can use to save your favourite Dorothy from elimination!