The Challenges Explained...

There have been a few of you wanting more details about how the Over the Rainbow challenges work. 

First of all, they're available to Registered Users. You'll need to create an Over the Rainbow account to get started.

In addition to the daily challenges, there are a few special challenges...

1. Dorothy Allegiance

By now, you should have set your Dorothy Allegiance. Each week your Dorothy makes it through elimination, you are awarded an extra vote (the following Tuesday). Easy Peasy! If your Dorothy is eliminated, you are able to change your allegiance, and be in the running for extra votes the following week.

2. Ruby Red Standings

The Ruby Red Standings are the 'office pool' of Over the Rainbow. Basically, we're asking you to predict what you think will be the results in the coming week. 

You need to choose a Dorothy from the following three categories:

  • Through: A Dorothy you think will make it through with flying colours
  • Safe: The Dorothy who will be in the sing-off but saved by the Judges
  • Eliminated: The Dorothy that will be Eliminated this week.

You get one vote for each correct answer. Your votes will be awarded in the following week, when we know the results of the elimination episode.

If you have any other questions, please comment below. We're happy to help!